About Alkın Kasap

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Born 1990 and possible reborn 2005.

Since i was three years old computer was all around me. My father (who was a civil engineer) was so interested in that tecnology and belived every people will have their hand-sized computers one day. He also belived that internet will be very common and we will be using it even in the middle of sea easily and cheap. A tragic accident took him from us in 2003 but i see that he had foreseeing.

1999 is a great year for me. The internet sites always attracted me and i’ve always wanted to make one for myself. 9 year old boy wanna do some blogging huh? My first very simple html page was published at 1999 starting with marquee. Yeah MARQUEE.

I was interested in very simple development ‘till 2005 when i was enrolled to Kuleli Military High School. 2005-2010 spent with self-discovery, education, military education, discipline etc etc. All very important though i lost my connection with computers deeply. When i left Armed Forces i tried to get back to computer and development but 2010 i didnt achived much. Still though i’m trying.

What this blog is for?

As being a Turkish speaking person i’ve blogged in turkish since 2011. This is going to be my blog in english as well as including what i found in Ruby, Html/Css, Javascript and other things about development.

I’m currently taking courses from TeamTreeHouse for ruby and javascript development.

To see my portfolio or personal blog in Turkish check links below. Thx ^^

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